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HPLOCONS/iLO not displaying video on remote NVIDIA cards

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HPLOCONS/iLO not displaying video on remote NVIDIA cards

I previously ran Gen8 and Gen10 iLO consoles on a laptop with Intel UHD graphics, with no problem.

However, I've just swapped to a new Win10 laptop which has both on-CPU graphics (Intel Iris) and a discrete GPU (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070). This doesn't display video in the HPLOCONS terminal. Specifically:

  1. I can still browse to the iLO IP addresses on the Gen8/10 servers, and can open an HTML5 console. This works normally, but is inconvenient
  2. The HPLOCONS console can still be used to power up or down the servers, but just displays no video
  3. There are occasions when I can get some garbled video on the console. I'm not quite sure when this happens, but it's related to changing some part of the display setup on the laptop - plugging in or unplugging an external monitor, unplugging the power input, and so on
  4. I can change to running on the Intel Iris graphics only (with some difficulty), but this doesn't help

Any ideas on how I can get the console to operate normally? I would rather not browse through to a console if at all possible. Thanks.


Re: HPLOCONS/iLO not displaying video on remote NVIDIA cards


iLO console is more dependent on browser on the remote pc.
But for your issue, have you tried updating the iLO Firmware on the remote server?

Just a thought.

Thank You!

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Re: HPLOCONS/iLO not displaying video on remote NVIDIA cards

Hi - I'm connecting on the stand-alone HPLOCONS application, so there are no browser dependencies.

I tried the firmware update on the Gen8 (2-year-old 2.70 to the current 2.78 version) - thanks for the suggestion - but it made no difference. I think the issue is very much in how HPLOCONS displays graphics; it looks like it's broken on newer hardware.

The browser remote console is just very, very, irritating. It doesn't even remember the username or password, so I have to paste in the server password from the HPLOCONS icon properties, and then select the HTML5 console. Any is anyone seriously going to install Java just to get a console inside a browser?? What is the point of the 'Java Integrated Remote Console'?