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How iLO works

Jake Ryan
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How iLO works

There are probably loads of these stupid questions floating about...but its my last 5 mins at work so i thought this would be easier

i am just enquiring into the iLO software
all my dl380's have a ILO port on the i need to link all of these into a seperate switch to use the iLO function between all the servers?

also do i have to then have a server with only the iLO system installed that monitors all this from the subnet that the iLO ports all use?

is there a diagram of a physical hardware layout? i have looked at a few guides but cannot see anything

can i use the iLO without using them ports? or can i plug them ports onto my current network and set IP address's on my current subnet and use the Software like this?

mainly one diagram of a layout would be the best....

i might have to find some seminar demoing this maybe to get a better idea of whats going on

Rajeshwari, Hiresave
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Re: How iLO works

Have you already had a look at this white paper ?
If not, please see if this can be useful to you.
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Re: How iLO works

Hi Jake,

Best practices suggest putting iLO traffic onto a separate subnet from your servers. This is by no means a requirement.

You cannot use iLO without connecting the dedicated ports on the back of your DL380s. iLO is a separate chip that can operate independently of the server itself.

By default, iLO will use DHCP to acquire an address. You can press F8 when prompted during POST to configure settings, or download and use the HPONCFG utility. Either way will work for first time setup.

After that you simply need to be on a machine with network access to the IP address in use by the iLO port (ignoring firewalls).

good luck, if you appreciate the answers we appreciate the points!