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How to calculate p-class power usage

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How to calculate p-class power usage

When I click on the power Enclosure picture under the BL p-Class tab in iLO, how should I interpret the Usage Statistics presented?

It shows:
Current: 6.688 A
Max Current: 57.0 A
Power: 343 W
Max Power: 2929W

I would presume that I need to total the power and current from each of the 6 power supplies to arrive at the max limit presented, is this correct?

If so, why is this information not presented in the interface?
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Re: How to calculate p-class power usage


Max current and Max power represent the total for the enclosure,

Current and Power represent the values for the individual power supply.

Perhaps the labels dould have been "enclosure capacity" instead of "max".
Adrian Clint
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Re: How to calculate p-class power usage

Actually max power is not max power to the enclosure.

Max Power is the maximum power available from the PSU.

Max per enclosure with 6 PSU's should be 6x2929 = 17574 Watts

If you have 6 PSUs they should all be balanced so current total output = 6*343=1458 Watts. So if you have 4 servers for example then they are pulling 1458/4 = 364 Watts each

If you assume that the power supplies are using 10% of the total to power themselves then it's 1458*0.9/4 = 328 Watts