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How to configure and make snmp pass-thru work for iLO?


How to configure and make snmp pass-thru work for iLO?



I need to generate some test trap using snmp-pass thru mechanism.  That means the management server should interact with the iLO (not directly to the snmp agents in the managed host). The snmp pass-thru is already enabled and the management server is able to get the different information through snmpget using the iLO IP and the iLO is seemingly getting the data from the HP snmp agents. Hence in this case I can't use iLO to directly generate a test trap as the available options - snmp pass-thru and ams are mutually exclusive. Hence as snmp pass-thru is in place, so I have to use the snmp trap using snmp pass-thru mechanism. The requirement is to interact between iLO and management server and as ams has limitations so need to use snmp-pass thru (apart from test trap).


Now, in my understanding, the alert trap should work like this: the trapsink for the managed host is the IP of iLO and the trap destination for iLO is the management server. So if I generate a test trap from the managed host, it should go to iLO and iLO will forward that to mangement server. If this is the case then trapping is not working. I can generate trap directly to the management host separately from iLO web page or managed host. But when using snmp pass-thru and trapsink being iLO, then it is not reaching the management host.


And if the aforementioned procedure is not correct, then please clarify how this should work.





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