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How to license multiple ilo's ?

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Stuart M. Garland
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How to license multiple ilo's ?

Does anyone know if there is any way of applying the Advanced License Pack for iLO via SIM, or any other way.
I've got 300 to license, and don't like the idea of doing it manually when you can do pratically everything else with iLO in multiples....!!!

Any help appreciated.

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Re: How to license multiple ilo's ?

One way do this is using "license" XML command.
Here is the info on this XML command.
The LICENSE command activates or deactivates the iLO's advanced features. For this command to parse
correctly, the command must appear within a RIB_INFO command block, and RIB_INFO MODE must be
set to write. The user must have the configure iLO 2 privilege to execute this command.
On a ProLiant BL Class server, there is no need for a licensing key. Advanced features are automatically

LICENSE parameters
ACTIVATE followed by a valid KEY value signals the activation of the iLO 2 advanced pack licensing.
KEY specifies the license key value. The key should be entered as one continuous string. Commas,
periods, or other characters should not separate the key value. The key will only accept 25 characters;
other characters entered to separate key values will be interpreted as a part of the key and result in the
wrong key being entered.

DEACTIVATE signals the deactivation of the iLO 2 advanced pack licensing.


Please use the HP Lights out configuration utility(CPQLOCFG.exe) to send this
XML command as follows.
CPQLOCFG -s -f license.xml

For more information
Please refer the following
1.iLO command line and scripting guide
2.HP Lights Out configuration utility
3.Sample XML scripts