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ILO and Netscape LDAP

Nick Rigby_1
New Member

ILO and Netscape LDAP

We have an Netscape LDAP directory within our company.
We have created a group within the LDAP server called:

On the ILO Directory Page we have filled in the following:
Directory Server Address:
LDAP Port: 389 (this works querying via softerra LDAP browser)

When running the tests I've entered my username and password (even though the server allows anonymous binding/searching.

The following is the output on the test:
Ping Directory Server Passed
Directory Server IP Address Not run
Directory Server DNS Name Passed
Connect to Directory Server Passed
Connect using SSL Failed

As far as I'm aware we can not do LDAP over SSL. is there anyway to disable LDAP over SSL?

Thanks in advance.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO and Netscape LDAP

If you don't use LDAP over SSL then you defeat the purpose of security because the usernames and passwords can be sniffed on the wire. SSL is therefore a requirement for LDAP access from iLO. If you can't enable SSL for your LDAP server, you might as well just set all your iLO passwords to 'password' because it will be an equivalent level of protection. [Sorry to sound a little sarcastic...]