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ILO erro when using IE

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ILO erro when using IE

The website’s security certificate is not secure.

Error Code: 0

what does that error mean


Re: ILO erro when using IE

By default, iLO creates a self-signed certificate for use in SSL connections. This certificate enables iLO to work without additional configuration steps.

SSL protocol is a standard for encrypting data so that it cannot be viewed or modified while in transit on the network. An SSL certificate is a small computer file that digitally combines a cryptographic key (theserver public key) with the server name. Only the server itself has the corresponding private key, allowing for authenticated two-way communication between a user and the server.

Using a self-signed certificate is less secure than importing a trusted certificate.

As per iLO security features configutaion install an SSL certificate that is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA).

A certificate must be signed to be valid. If it is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA), and that CA is trusted, all certificates signed by the CA are also trusted. A self-signed certificate is one in which the owner of the certificate acts as its own CA

For more information please refer Microsoft Article:

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