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ILO firmware solution

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ILO firmware solution

I currently have 16 c-class enclosures with 16 blades in each. I am looking for a way to do OA and ILO firmware updates easily. I'm wondering if there is a software / tool package that can be installed on a server that will allow me to do the updates quickly and easily from one place. I have tried HP SIM which I have installed but this has provided me with no options that I can see.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: ILO firmware solution

IF you have an HTTP or FTP server you can drop the firmware images on, then you can create a script to ssh into each enclosure and update the OA and iLO firmware pretty easily.

The OA CLI commands are

OA firmware


iLO firmware


HELP UPDATE will give you the detailed syntax
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kris rombauts
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Re: ILO firmware solution

HP has released a tool called HP SUM which allows you to update the OA and also the new Integrity blades (bl8xx i2) systemfirmware (and iLO f/w) but at this time not the Proliant x86 blades iLO f/w.

The below s/w package is one you could use to update your OA's on all the enclosures you want to (build the list of OA's).
Even if you have no such Integrity i2 blades, you can still use it only for the OA f/w part, the bundle contains OA V3.00 for the moment.

There is also a version that runs from Linux.
Not sure if this tool will include the Proliant x86 blades iLO in the future.


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Re: ILO firmware solution