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ILO2 - Directory User Context

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Dominic Dupuis
Occasional Advisor

ILO2 - Directory User Context


I'm actually unable to login to my ILO via this kind of "login name": user (with a "Directory User Context" equal to

When I specify a "Directory User Context" with the full DN: "OU=Users,OU=XYZ,DC=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=zz,DC=us" the tests run OK...

Any idea? I really need to use context less login to our ILO.

Occasional Advisor

Re: ILO2 - Directory User Context

Check your browser security zone settings, make sure "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe" is set to "Prompt".

God Bless!
Dominic Dupuis
Occasional Advisor

Re: ILO2 - Directory User Context

Good point...the problem was ActiveX.

I use Firefox as my main browser...since ActiveX is only on IE...

With IE, no problem.

But, why HP is using ActiveX ?!? Does that mean that I can't login to my ILO board (when they are Directory Enabled) via a Mac OSX desktop? Or any Linux Desktop? Or anything else than IE on Windows?!?

Bad...really bad... :-(