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Ilo and java versions

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Ilo and java versions

I just notice that for an old G4 server I needed java version 1.4.2_13. So I installed this but unfortunately and not surprisingly this didn't fix my problem.
I already had a recent java version installed)

It's always the same with different web application requiring different java versions. for me it's a recurring problem and I'm wondering if someone has a good solution to combine old and new java runtime versions in a way that it works for all web applications.
I don't want to remove all java versions and reinstall the one needed, I've done that too many times.

(Java sucks and I hope Oracle pulls the plug because it's my number one IT frustration)
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Re: Ilo and java versions

I allways use the latest Java.

But cached data, can caurse strange behaviour.
Both the Browser and Java.


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Re: Ilo and java versions

Agreed this is driving me up the wall I keep getting " Connection timed out: connect " for G6 and G7's, despite having the latest Java. All it takes is an ilo firmware update (which is always recommended by HP) and you're stuffed. Then it's a case of clearing out your cache trying again and if you have legacy kit it's a back and forth nightmare. Not happy!