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Manage Smart Array controller using PowerShell cmdlets


Manage Smart Array controller using PowerShell cmdlets

Smart Array cmdlets V are available to manage Smart Array controller on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers.
Smart Array cmdlets provides following features:-
Discovers Smart Array controllers from IP range
Creates logical drives
Removes or deletes logical drives
Manages controller configuration information
Gets controller health status
Gets physical and logical drive information
Gets unconfigured physical drive information
Gets storage enclosure details
Resets controller configuration
Erases physical drives
HPESmartArrayCmdlets module is avilalble at below link
We have also published sample scripts, which can be used after installing HPESmartArrayCmdlets module. (sample scripts require target iLO IP and credentials)
1) GetSmartArrayControllerHealthStatus
2) GetPhysicalAndLogicalDrive
3) CreateLogicalDrive
4) ResetSmartArrayController

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Re: Manage Smart Array controller using PowerShell cmdlets


The Smart Array cmdlets V is not working with Smart Array Controller firmware version 3.00.

Are there any other workaround or new tool for smart array scripting?