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Managing iLO using HPE PowerShell cmdlets

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Managing iLO using HPE PowerShell cmdlets

Hi Folks,

HPEiLOCmdlets 2.0 supporting Gen10 ! is released:

The highlights of the release are:
- Total of 214 Cmdlets in this release. 71 new Cmdlets added in 2.0 out of which 53 are for supporting iLO5 features 
- Supports iLO5 on Gen10 using Redfish 
- Complete support of Absaroka feature.
- Support for all new user privileges in iLO.
- Backup and Restore of iLO settings.
- Support for Firmware verification scan and send system recovery event feature.
- Support for getting PCI Device, USB Device, software inventory.
- Support for new security settings: Production, High security, FIPS, SuiteB, CNSA
- Rebranded cmdlets to have HPE in the cmdlet name
- Connection based design of cmdlet to enhance customer experience
- Supports logging feature for better problem diagnosis of customer issues.
- RIBCL, Redfish interface is used for iLO communication in iLO 4, iLO 5 respectively.
- Re-grouped cmdlets to improve customer experience and usability
- Better error handling mechanism for error categorization

The HPEiLOCmdlets 2.0 module can be downloaded from below sites:

- HPE Support Site

- PowerShell Gallery

Additional Links:

- HPEiLOCmdlets Sample Scripts

- User guide and release notes

- Migration Advisory 1.1 guides to migrate HPiLOCmdets 1.x scripts to HPEiLOCmdlets 2.0


Use the HPEiLOCmdlets for HPE Proliant Servers management and automation.

Happy Scripting :)

Aarti Verma

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Re: Managing iLO using HPE PowerShell cmdlets


Do you know if this HPEiLOcmdlet have really been tested (in my case against Gen 9) ?

I am seaching for help 


Re: Managing iLO using HPE PowerShell cmdlets


As I mentioned in other posts there is a bug for generating CSR with custom fields on iLO4 i.e., Gen 8 and 9.



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Re: Managing iLO using HPE PowerShell cmdlets

The InventoryInformation.ps1 sample script seem to have an error:

$result = Get-HPEiLOServerSoftwareInventory -Connection $connection

foreach($output in $result)

if($output.Status -eq "OK")

Write-Host "`nServer Software Inventory information for $($output.IP)." -ForegroundColor Green



if($output.StatusInfo -ne $null)
{ $message = $output.StatusInfo.Message; Write-Host "`nFailed to get Server Software Inventory information for $($output.IP): "$message -ForegroundColor Red }



Has anyone ever tried to use it?