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PowerShell/iLO4 issue with Active Directory fields (Missing?)

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PowerShell/iLO4 issue with Active Directory fields (Missing?)

The Set-HPiLODirectory command does a lot of the AD configuration, but the “DIR_GRPACCT3_NAME” parameter seems to be missing from the “SET” command.  The “GET” command pulls it, so I know the SET should have this as well (it’s in the same configuration realm as the other parameters, if that makes sense).  So, I must either assume I don’t know the correct syntax, or HP hasn’t included it yet in the latest cmdlet versions.


For example, the output of a Get-HPiLODirectory command shows this:



DIR_GRPACCT3_NAME          : CN=( cn path... )


DIR_SERVER_PORT            : 636

DIR_USER_CONTEXT_1         : ( user context )


The UserContext1 path can be set, but the "DIR_GRPACCT3_NAME" where you put the full AD path for your groups is missing from the Set command list.  I tried using help but it doesn't seem to show any example.  I hope i just can't find the syntax for the property, but i'm concerned this property just doesn't exist yet.  This prevents us from using the PS method to configure iLOs remotely since it's required for AD authentication with domain accounts for iLO access.


Any ideas?



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Re: PowerShell/iLO4 issue with Active Directory fields (Missing?)

Did you ever find a solutions for setting the "DIR_GRPACCT"?