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Problems Addressing iLO

Chris Curson_1
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Problems Addressing iLO

I am trying to assign an IP address to a number of iLO's in some DL740's recently purchased. The network is in a number of VLAN's so I am trying to use a subnet of This has worked on other Remote Management Cards in the past but when I try to save the config, I receive the error, 'cannot set IP address to broadcast address'
If I change the subnet to it accepts the config but then, of course, I cannot connect to the iLO.

Any ideas anyone??


David Claypool
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Re: Problems Addressing iLO

I was just able to use an IP address of with a subnet of using both the web interface and the console on a DL740 with iLO firmware 1.25. If I try with that same subnet, I get the same error that you did.

I'm not a whiz at IP, so this led me to some investigation and I found the following reference on IP routing fundamentals:

It seems that every network has a "broadcast address" that can be used to talk to everyone simultaneously on the network. Using a subnet calculator, the broadcast address for a network in the range of is The range has a broadcast address of (Do a Google search for subnet calculators)

You can't set an individual IP address to be the same as the broadcast address for the subnet. Windows also complains:

"The combination of IP address and subnet mask is invalid. All of the bits in the host address portion of the IP address are set to 1. Please enter a valid combination of IP address and subnet mask."