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RILOE : Interface Status: Not Responding

David Vekemans
Occasional Advisor

RILOE : Interface Status: Not Responding


we have our server installed with RILOE cards and Management agents 5.30.

We have an error generated from the Management agents :

Model: Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
Serial Number: P432A0CBFKEDQ1
ROM Version: 2.41 - 11/19/2001
Mouse: Connected
Keyboard: Connected
Interface Status: Not Responding

but when we look at the RILOE, everything is working.

Did one of you has already seen this error ?
If yes, how to solve it ?
Junior Yharte
Trusted Contributor

Re: RILOE : Interface Status: Not Responding

Resetting RILOE might take care of the problem, to avoid seeing this again in the future upgrade the driver. This usually happens when you upgrade the F/W but the driver is an older version. What happens is that the board resets after the F/W upgrade but the older drivers do not know what happened so all they can do is report a self test/interface error to the agents.