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Reset ILO to default factory setting

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Reset ILO to default factory setting

I have differnet HP Server in the most case DL xxx Server and the problem is, that someboby has changed the permitions of administrator.
Now I would to generate the default settings.
How is the way to set the ilo factory default settings.
Thank you for every hint
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Re: Reset ILO to default factory setting

Hello HaPEZe,

you can do it using the HPONCFG utility ie HP lights out configuration utility i have attached the pdf doc for the same which shows the step to do it.

Hope this help

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Re: Reset ILO to default factory setting


check this

you won't need to down your server to reset administrator password you can do it within your OS (windows) even when you don't know admin password I think your case

check also attached file

To reset Administrator Password on iLO:

1. Ensure that SNMP is installed because it was a prerequisite for HP Insight Management Agents.
2. Ensure that HP Insight Management Agents are installed.

Unzip the attached file to folder c:\hp\ilo.

Extract the file Administrator_reset_pw.xml from c:\hp\ilo\ to the c:\hp\ilo folder.

Edit the file with the username you would like to reset and also edit the PASSWORD value="newpass123456" to the new password.

Than go to command prompt to folder c:\hp\ilo and run the following command:
HPONCFG.exe /f Administrator_reset_pw.xml /l log.txt > output.txt

We don't require the old password to reset the account.

For additional information please read the PDF file in the attached zip file.


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Re: Reset ILO to default factory setting

The easiest way to do this is to reboot the server, enter iLO RBSU (press F8) and select "Set Defaults" on the File menu.