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Schema Free Integration for ILO

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Schema Free Integration for ILO

I am just starting this project and have minimal information on how to start. I definitely know I want to use the Schema Free Integration and not have to extend my AD Schema. That being said I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer:

1)Do I need IIS on my Domain Controllers for this to work?
2)When I try to request a Personal Certificate from my domain controller I get an error message. (something to the effect of an available CA, permissions, or permissions onthe CA). I am a Domain admin, Schema admin, I have full rights to the Forest and all subdomains. I am thinking I can't request a certificate because I don't have IIS on the DC I am requesting from? See error message in attachment.
3)Is there any step by step instructions on how to set this up easily?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: Schema Free Integration for ILO

Hi Legendary6301,

1. Yes IIS is required.

2. Once the IIS and CA is installed you will not get this error message.

3. For Step by Step Instruction:

For How can I install the Certificate Authority :

For How to configure Schema Free Integration check Section Directory services Page 151: