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Server ILO3 problems

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Server ILO3 problems

in server hp dl 360 g7 to what related error events like:
GetDeviceID failed: 0xF0
GetBMCGlobals failed: 0xF0
source - hpqilo3.
after these errors server reboots. have latest firmware. (reboot preventing i think that can disable ASR in bios).
but how to solve this problem?
Mauricio Salas
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Re: Server ILO3 problems

Disable the ASR will not fix the issue
Check on the IML of the server, there should be something like: ASR detected by system rom, or hopefuly, Bugcheck: 0x000000F0 (or 0xF0)if you have it, go to C:\Windows\minidump there you should have the dump file, debug it with the Microsoft debugging tools, also check on for any related issues
Also contact HP support and look for a good engineer, because is not everybody the one who know how to read a dump file, ussually just level 2 or 3 know how to

(I know how to, if you have the dump file send it to: I will reply to you with the information asap)

Note: this is not an iLO3 issue, the iLO is just telling you whats happening on the server