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Using smartcard to access iLO

Magnus Bernhardson
Occasional Advisor

Using smartcard to access iLO

Are there anyone out there doing this?
In every iLO document it states that it is supported, but so far i have´nt been able to find any documentation on how it´s done.

We have integrated the iLO:s into our eDirectory with the extended schema and now we want to take it a step further and use our existing smartcards to login to the iLO.

So the question is, - Does anyone know how this is done?

Regards Magnus Bernhardson
barnett chan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Using smartcard to access iLO

Please see the two-factor session of the users guide.

1. Setup an Smartcard enrollment Agent in your directory to assign certificates to the Smartcards.
2. Verify your directory settings can logon to iLO with two-factor disabled.
3. Verify Two-factor settings can logon to iLO with Directory disabled.
4. Enable both two-factor, and directory. The first logon phase will be logon with the smartcard certificate, then you will see a prompt for the directory password for the Directory User of the SmartCard. Depends on how the Certificates are build, you may need to change the "Certificate Owner Field" in the Two Factor Authentication page to "SAN" or "Subject" to get the direcotry logon to work.