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can ilo http/https be enabled/disabled from the CLI?

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can ilo http/https be enabled/disabled from the CLI?

Been experimenting with the ssh access to ilo - something that we've been wishing for for quite some time here.

We mainly require the ability to power on/off systems this way.

Can any of the running services, like http/https be controlled via the CLI? i.e. to disable any of the other access methods via the CLI so that only ssh is running?

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Re: can ilo http/https be enabled/disabled from the CLI?

There is not a way to shut down selective services/ports the way you describe.

You could, however, reconfigure the port assignments to run interference. But all that will do is frustrate users that would prefer to use a browser. I do not know if you can change the port number to 0 for these...

Is there a reason you want to shut down the other ports?

Re: can ilo http/https be enabled/disabled from the CLI?

Thanks for the info. I didn't think it was possible (yet - here's hoping that it will be eventually) but figured I'd ask just in case.

I want to shut down all other access methods for a few reasons.
First, I don't like running unnecessary services on my systems - and by extension, that includes iLO.

Second (and related to the first), even though the iLO network will be private, with limited access, there is the possibility of someone gaining access to that private net. The fewer doors for them to have access too, the happier I am.

Third, because of the private net, web browser access is not always practical from the place that iLO best serves us - home.

Fourth, since these are linux boxes, all access is already done via CLI anyway.

I was thinking of trying the port 0 thing, but wasn't sure that would work. But since I wasn't the only one with the idea, maybe it has merit. Thanks again.