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can not access ILO through browser

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can not access ILO through browser

I have got a Proliant DL 380 G5 storage server on which we have installed Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition ( 32 bit OS ). I have configured ILO on this server ( It has got ILO 2 ) and I can ping this ILO by its host name and its IP address. But I can not access it through the browser. I can not access it locally also from the server on which its configured. Whenever I try it shows

" Page can not be displayed " error message.

Raised a ticket with HP but issue is not yet resolved. ILO has latest version of firmware ( 1.70 ) too.

Let me know if any one of you have got any solutions for this.
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Re: can not access ILO through browser

It may be simple, but have you been able to verify that the web and non-secure web ports are set to 80 and 443 respectively? Also, could some other device in the organization be using that IP address? Disable iLO for that server and see if you can still ping the IP.

To change the web port you can use HPONCFG from the server itself or you can SSH to the iLO processor from any machine (assuming SSH is not disabled) and change it from there.

Good luck!