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connect-hpebios via ILO DL380p gen8


connect-hpebios via ILO DL380p gen8

Hi Guys,

Please can you help, I need to change the BIOS time on 100 Bare Metal DL380p Gen 8 Servers.

Im trying to do this using the BIOS powershell module , I have created the WinPE iso and booted the server succesfully. I have validated that I can ping both the Management Client and Target machines.

When running the connect-hpebios command I recieve the following:-

Connect-HPEBIOS : Exception: A connection could not be established to the server


Also seeing this in the ILO Event Log


Virtual Serial Port stopped by: Unknown - ::(DNS name not found).


is there something im missing?



Re: connect-hpebios via ILO DL380p gen8


Please check for any disabled ports. 

You can try disabling the firewall for both client and server and check for the issue. 

If the firewall cannot be disabled, add the Windows Management Instrumentation service to the firewall exception list. Another possible reason for the error message is that the default SSH and its port were disabled for the target server.

Enable the SSH and set the port to 22 in iLO settings. 

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