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hponcfg: entries ignored in .xml file

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hponcfg: entries ignored in .xml file


Trying to compare the iLO settings of our BL2x220 G5/G6, I modified the hponcfgcap.xml example script to include all GET_ statements. Executing this script on the OA using
hpconfig http://.../hponcfgcap.xml
I noticed not all statements were executed... To be sure, I ended by extracting one entry
. An .xml file just containing that line showed me the auto power settings, while it was not shown when other get statements where part of the file.

Is there a way to have hponcfg executed all operations?

I also noticed a similar behaviour when trying to change settings on all iLO's in one enclosure. Executing several hponcfg calls (one to each server), the first, let's say, 15 servers were processed, and then I had to process the next 4, the next 3 etc. manually.