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iLO Active Directory intregration

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iLO Active Directory intregration

Im tring to setup iLO AD intregration. Im unable to use an SSL cerificate on the domain controller. IS there any other way to set the authentication?

When i perform a direcory test i get the following:
Ping Directory Server Passed
Directory Server DNS Name Passed
Connect to Directory Server Passed
Connect using SSL Failed

Initiating Directory Settings diagnostic for server
Directory Server address resolved to xxx.xx.x.xx
Unable to establish SSL connection with directory server.
You may need to install a certificate for your server to allow SSL connections.
Consult the iLO User Guide for details.
Ceasing tests.
Some diagnostics FAILED for server

Im using hp-Lights-Out Direcrories Migration Utility to import the data.
How can i import muliple Addresses into this also?