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iLO Directory Integration and x64 Windows


iLO Directory Integration and x64 Windows


I am having a problem with the MMC Snap ins installed with the HP Directory Services package (SP31581).

On my domain controllers, which run Windows Server 2003 Standard r2 x64, the "New HP Object" is not listed in the context menu when I right-click an OU in ADUC. I have just installed the snap in on a 32 bit Windows 2000 file server and it is there.

Is the snap-in incompatible with 64 bit Windows? It would be a pain if this is the case...

Thanks for your help


Re: iLO Directory Integration and x64 Windows

As a follow up, I have created RILOES and Roles OU's in the directory using the 32 bit Windows server and they appear with the correct icons in the MMC. The objects appear on the 64 bit Windows servers as placeholder icons and some of the tabs are missing.

When I run the directory tests from an iLO 2 each passes with the exception of "LOM Object Exists" which fails with the following error in the test log

"Unable to confirm LOM Object CN=[iLO name],CN=RILOES,DC=[domain name],DC=[domain name] in directory.
Ceasing tests."

It would be great if someone from HP can confirm that there is a problem with x64 Windows and this SoftPaq because this is a greenfield installation and I can rebuild the DC's (DL360 G5's) with x86 version of 2003.