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iLO and Active Directory

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iLO and Active Directory


I would like to start configuring iLO so that users can use their AD accounts to logon. My question is what happens if AD is unavailable? Will iLO fall back and accept local authentication (EG will it accept the default Administrator account?

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Re: iLO and Active Directory

Yes it will fall back, unless two factor authentication is activated. In our environment we have both AD and a local ILO account for just in case AD is not available.

Having AD is great since it allows for better auditing of ILO activities.
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Re: iLO and Active Directory

Local iLO accounts access will be allowed by default after activating Directory support, however there is an option to disable local accounts.

If local accounts access is disabled and directory access is enabled and AD is unavailable, then you will not be able to access that iLO under normal circumstances.

You'll have to judge the availability of AD in your environment to make the call (keeping in mind that network problems can also interfere) but it is reasonable to keep a single local user account active for backup, especially if the account is used to administer your AD system!