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iLO doesn't find enclosure

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Günther Schmied
Occasional Advisor

iLO doesn't find enclosure

Everything was working fine, but suddenly some iLOs (of p-Class servers) tell me: "Server is not in a managed enclosure". And in SIM Identify System task I get the message: "The discovered blade is not in an enclosure".

The strange thing: some of the servers in the same enclosure have no problem, all management agents (incl. Rack Infrastructure Service) are running.

Any ideas?
Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO doesn't find enclosure

What iLO2 firmware version do you have?

p-Class is no longer supported in iLO2 versions 2.xx. If you flashed them with 2.xx, you will have to go back to iLO2 1.82

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Günther Schmied
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO doesn't find enclosure

Going back to 1.82 solved the issue.

I checked the Release Notes (or better Component Details in VCRM - probably the same) and didn't find anything about this problem, only a list of enhancements and fixes.

Thank you.