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iLO password in a ML370 G3

John Timmins_1
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iLO password in a ML370 G3

I've got a ML370 with a recent motherboard replacment at a remote site and the friendly tech didn't set the iLO Administrator password.

I have found the default password before by browsing to the RIB address but with some filename after the IP address that ended in .XML and it displayed some simple info about the card, including some sort of serial number.

So the URL was

The last 6 characters of this 'serial number' or whatever it was worked as the default password. I can't find this information now, thought it was from one of these forums but no luck. I have access to the HPONCFG but it failed to do the trick using Administrator_reset_pw.xml script.

I'd love to know what that URL was, or a password reset script that works.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: iLO password in a ML370 G3

There is no way to retrieve the default administrator password. It should be included on a sticker or tag with the replacement motherboard. You could use iLO RBSU to assign the default password to the Administrator account (or just to set it to something known), but this will be lost if the configuration is reset.

In the past there was a scheme to use the serial number as a default password, but this is not the case with iLO.

Instead of a "reset password" script, try one that assigns the password. This script works with HPONCFG (but not CPQLOCFG because no login credentials are specified):

John Timmins_1
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Re: iLO password in a ML370 G3

I ran HPONCFG with the script you specified but got some syntax errors as follows:
HPONCFG is version 1.0(c) (Windows version)

Any ideas?

C:\>hponcfg /f pass.txt
No RILOE II board found.
Firmware Revision = 1.620000 Device type = ILO Driver name = cpqci

MESSAGE='No error'
Scripting utility should be updated to the latest version.

MESSAGE='Syntax error: Line #0: syntax error near """" in the line: ""'
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Re: iLO password in a ML370 G3

yes...put a username and password between the can be anything. The script should then work.