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iLO2 firmware version 1.50 has been released.

Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

iLO2 firmware version 1.50 has been released.

Link for Windows Online Flash Component:

Link for Linux Online Flash Component:


- Adds Shared Network Port switching support of the network port options card on the HP ProLiant ML310 G5.
- Enhances Virtual Serial Port support to automatically enable and disable software flow control. By default, this behavior is disabled. This behavior can be enabled via user configuration (via RIBCL only).
- Enhances the Integrated Remote Console Media dropdown menu such that the available drives are updated in real time.


- Addresses certain issues involving poor virtual media performance.
- Addresses issue involving iLO 2 firmware upgrade failures on certain servers.
- Corrects a problem in reconnecting via the Virtual Serial Port after the first session is terminated.
- Resolves an issue with Virtual Media installations of Linux on certain servers.
- Addresses an issue where the iLO 2 web server stops responding after using the Remote Console Acquire button.
- Reduces the time required to mount a USB key larger than 4 GB.
- Resolves an issue with the appearance of the Remote Console button and options after a minimum resize of the remote console window.
- Corrects a problem where iLO 2 loses its IP address under certain circumstances.
- Resolves an issue in launching the Virtual Media applet from with the Blade System Configuration Wizard.
- Resolves an issue in using the CLP to change the 'oemhp_powerreg' property.
- Adds Shared Network Port status to the CLP.
- Fixes the 'Last Used Remote Console' status to reflect accurate status.
- Resolves a problem in RIBCL where a Network port change fails to complete if the XML file contains only one port to change.
- Resolves some problems in mounting a Virtual Media image via the Virtual Media Applet.
- Corrects a problem where attempting to write to Virtual Media throws a VC++ runtime error.

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Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO2 firmware version 1.50 has been released.

Do you know why Windows Online Flash Component iLO 1.50 still don't listed as available for Blades servers ?
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO2 firmware version 1.50 has been released.

There is apparently a problem with the HP website and it is being worked.