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Re: iLo Firmware issues

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Michael Mercogliano
Occasional Advisor

iLo Firmware issues

Can someone please explain to me why iLo has been failing when trying to update it through the Version Control Agent? I'm trying to update "Firmware CD Supplemental Update / Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HP Integrated Lights-Out 2". These are all Windows Servers and yes I see that the description says "Linux" but why am I receiving these if they are not for Windows? The problem seems to have started since the extension of the files changed to *.scexe.

Thank you,
Honored Contributor

Re: iLo Firmware issues

I believe this was a problem with the downloads to the VCRM at one time. At the time they said to delete any files with the *.scexe extension, delete them and update again from HP. Then rescan the repository and you should then have the correct files.
I only had to update from HP and rescan. Mine are showing the correct firmware now.
Leo Plewa

Re: iLo Firmware issues

Hello Michael,

is it really a linux or a windows Server ?
Actually many firmware updates are shown as .scexe update for linux, nevertheless it is a windows server.

Really buggy.

And no more show up for the PIC/PMC firmware.


Leo Plewa

Re: iLo Firmware issues

i give the suggestion of rancher a try.
All the *.scexe files are deleted in the repositoy and a rebuild now run.
Unfortunately it takes a long time, as usual with the vcrm ..

We will have to see later on ..