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iLo2 Export Boot/Fault Buffer

M St-Laurent
Occasional Visitor

iLo2 Export Boot/Fault Buffer


I’m desperately trying to get the Export Boot/Fault Buffer feature to work. I’m using an iLo2 (firmware 1.60, license type advanced) on a ProLiant DL580 G5. The web server witch I’m trying to export to is running IIS6 on Windows 2003 Server.

I’m pretty sure the permissions on the web server are correct (webdav enabled, ntfs ok, etc.) since I can create a file with a specially crafted HTTP PUT request with WFetch (On the IIS resource kit or with telnet)

The export username and password are correct otherwise IIS logs a 401.1 Access Denied.

When I click on the export button, I can see that the iLo2 card is sending a lot of data to the web server (I captured frames on the web server, told you I was desperate!)

IIS then logs a 501 – Not implemented. The iLo2 Event Log reports Capture buffer export failed: capture08142008-1220-Boot.ilo

Also, I can replay the boot sequence with the integrated remote console

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: iLo2 Export Boot/Fault Buffer

I have never been sucessful getting IIS to accept a capture buffer. We have used Apache successfully for this purpose- that would be my recommendation.
M St-Laurent
Occasional Visitor

Re: iLo2 Export Boot/Fault Buffer

Thanks, I'll give it a try.