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ilo control via SNMP

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Vernon Fuller
Occasional Contributor

ilo control via SNMP

looking for documentation on how to power on the host via SNMP sets using an ilo (v1.62, I can upgrade if needed)

I am currently using cpqrack.mib
Is that the right MIB?
I am using COMPAQ as the default community string but am not getting a response.

Thank you for your help.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: ilo control via SNMP

This is not possible via SNMP and with the lack of security, you probably wouldn't want to.

Upgrade to the 1.82 firmware and use SSH as an alternative.

ssh -l Administrator ILONAMEORADDRESS "power on"

You'll have to type in the password at the prompt, but once you have the hang of SSH, the iLO 1.82 allows you to distribute a public key to trust by.
Vernon Fuller
Occasional Contributor

Re: ilo control via SNMP

To clarify, there is no SNMP "set" on iLO, only "get". Power control needs to be done via ssh.

(is there a version of iLO that can RESET the host? I only see power on or off. )

thank you, this helps.