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ilo2 Advanced is require for use error even with license applied

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ilo2 Advanced is require for use error even with license applied

I'm in the process of trying to configure the iLO 2 on one of our older servers, which had not been used in the past.


On the DL 580 G5 I'm struggling, because even though I can connect to the iLO 2 fine, no version of the remote console is functional.  I keep getting an error message stating that iLO2 Advanced is required for use, even though we have just purchased and applied an iLO Advanced license. On the licensing tab it even says "iLO 2 Advanced for BladeSystem features have been activated."


I just patched the firmware up to 2.12 hoping that would address the problem, but had no luck.  I contacted HP support and they told me to "flush my NVRAM" - basically reboot the server.  That didn't help either.


The server I'm trying to access remotely is running VMware vSphere 4.1 in case that's an issue. 


I am able to successfully use the remote console on a different server running iLO-3.  So unless the ports used between the two versions are different, it's not a network communication issue.


Now I did notice this paragraph on the licensing tab:


"Please note that you have selected to license an HP ProLiant ML/DL server with iLO Advanced for BladeSystem. Note that the graphical remote console feature will only be activated on HP BladeSystem server blades with this license. To activate the graphical remote console feature on HP ProLiant ML/DL servers, please apply the HP iLO Advanced Pack to those servers."


Does this mean there is another step required after applying the license key?  Something that has to be ran against the server itself?  If so, how would it be ran on a server running vSphere 4.1?


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Re: ilo2 Advanced is require for use error even with license applied

It is telling you that you have installed a license of wrong type.


As the notice says, the license code you have works correctly only on blade servers.

When ordering a iLO Advanced license, you must specify whether it is for blade or non-blade servers.


The blade servers have remote console functionality as standard, since that is the expected way to use the blades (basically the only way that makes sense in long-term). So the "iLO Advanced for BladeSystem" license does not need to enable console functionality, as it is already enabled. I guess the blade license is cheaper than the non-blade version.


On the other hand, the non-blade servers can be operated without iLO remote console by plugging them into KVMs, and apparently some customers still prefer to do it that way.


Apparently you can get "all the features except the console" if you use a blade license on a non-blade server. Interesting, but less than useful.


You'll need to get a license code for a non-blade iLO Advanced Pack, and apply it to your server. You might save the blade license code for applying it to blade hardware, if you have HP blades around.


If you ordered the iLO2 Advanced license specifically for the DL580 G5, obviously someone made a mistake in the ordering process. Talk to your HP representative to find ways to fix it. If it was HP's error, they should be very helpful; if the error was in your end, it might be more complicated as the license code envelope is obviously already opened.

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Re: ilo2 Advanced is require for use error even with license applied

Ah, that makes sense and the mistake was mine.


I wasn't familiar enough with the terminology to realize that 'Blade System' wasn't simply a branding term applied to all their ProLiant...and that it's physically different hardware.


Well lets hope that our HP rep is feeling generous as we have no blade servers in our environment.


Thanks for your help.