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network boot management

Lance Pelton
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network boot management

I am trying to design a network bootable management solution.
I have been tasked with managing a set of servers in an "offline" state, meaning that the servers are not running the OS loaded on their hard drives. What we are wanting to try is some sort of network boot that loads HP drivers and management agents, and allows CIM/Unicenter to manage these boxes via a RILO/iLO connection. These servers are DL580R1/DL380G2 boxes and some BL20 blades.

I would prefer some sort of Windows load, as the Linux version we are attempting to use has caused a layer of complexity that is frustrating.

Any help any of you might have would be GREATLY appreciated
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Re: network boot management

Have you looked at the Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) solution? This is a remote server deployment tool kit that allows you to create and deploy server images over the network.

Currently, it runs over the host network interface, not the lights-out NIC.

Check out the "Rapid Deployment Pack" link from this page:

Alternatively, if you have a CD-image that you prefer, you can boot that to the server using the iLO virtual media scripting interface. You can find documentation on this feature by following these steps:
Click on "Support and Documents" then "manuals" then the "Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide"