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problem with retrieving data through xml interface

julian soda
Occasional Contributor

problem with retrieving data through xml interface

I have two servers, both with firmware version 1.75, who respond differently to the Get_Host_Data.xml file that comes with the linux-ilosamplescripts1.70.0-1.tar.gz package.
On one, the tag is fully populated with data about the host, processor, memory, etc., on the other, it is empty (). I am using the same xml file for each (attached), and each has the same username/password combination.
can someone shed light on the difference?
I am using the perl locfg.pl script if that makes a difference.
Honored Contributor

Re: problem with retrieving data through xml interface

The GET_HOST_DATA script retrieves SMBIOS records that are presented by the host system. The records have useful information about the host like the system type, CPUs, ROM, etc.

If you are not seeing this data with the 1.75 firmware, then the problem that you upgraded your iLO firmware from a pretty old version that lacked the support.

You can confirm this by browsing to the Server Status page in the iLO in question. It will probably lack the details about the host.

To fix this, you will need to reboot the server once. This allows the iLO PCI option ROM to capture the SMBIOS data from the host. (Note that this background is also on the help page link on the Server Status page)