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Adding Firmware to Repository

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Adding Firmware to Repository

What is the proper way to add firmware to the repository?

Will I then see firmware on the drop down list when drilling dfown through the server software when trying to deploy software and firmware?
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: Adding Firmware to Repository

that firmware component from to VCRM Repository and then click on "Create a Custom Software baseline" option under "Home" tab in VCRM

Fill the Details in 1st page and click "next", here you can select PSP (7.40) and also select firmware component, then finish the wizard.

Now select this CSB from SIM for deploying

CSB can be used to group components as you need with respect to OS

directory structure where there's a top level directory that the VCRM points to, below that are sub-directories for individual PSPs and a non-PSP directory.
I copy the various F/W updates to this non-PSP directory.
The VCA is configured to use the stadard baseline.
If the F/W is not up to date is does not impact the overall status as reported by HPSIM.

Either way, you can always deploy individual items from the VCA, whetehr they're part of the PSP or not.
Note some HP utilities you might use are not part of the PSP

And for deploying:
1) Open SIM
2) select "Install software and firmware" under "Deploy" menu
3) select the target systems
4) select VCRM, this will list all the available PSP and components.
5) select only one firmware component and intall it

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