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Adding ML570 G3 to HP SIM

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Adding ML570 G3 to HP SIM

Afternoon all,


I'm trying to add an ML 570 G3 to HP SIM control Center and I'm having a number of issues getting it to register events, I've used both SIM and the iLO to configure it to send but neither of these are working.


It finds the server, it finds the hostname but if I try to send a test alert it never comes through, any ideas how to fix this or what information do I need to give you in order to help me?


Thanks very much


Alex Green



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Re: Adding ML570 G3 to HP SIM

Hello Alex,

I guess you use a Windows setup, it could be that the Windows firewall is blocking the SNMP trap. Is the strap service running?

Kind regards,

Kind regards,

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Re: Adding ML570 G3 to HP SIM

I assume you know the basics - install the HP Management Agents, ensure the SNMP community is set correctly, SNMP destination is set correctly (and it works when trying to connect from your ML server).


Any ML/DL/BL is really the same in terms of setup and configuration.  The only difference here is that those agents haven't been updated in many years.. So you're probably using the 7.60 support pack.  So long as you have those installed (and preferably the SMH as well), you should be good. 


Just check the basics - IP connectivity, SNMP configuration, agents install.  Did the machine discover OK in SIM - did SIM recognize it properly as the correct model?  If not, check all the above.  If it doesn't show up correctly, there's a good chance it won't accept traps.


If you want to see if SIM is getting the traps, you can check your SIM\Traps folder to see if there is an XML file there from that server.  Maybe the event is coming in, but you are not seeing it in your events collections.  Note that it will be a warning or informational event (i forget which) so make sure you are looking at ALL events, or looking at the events tab for the server, and that you are not ignoring info/warnings for everything.