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Automated Event Handling Task - How Does it Work

Wilbert Chin
Occasional Advisor

Automated Event Handling Task - How Does it Work

On the SIM system that I now manage, I see many different tasks (Options -> Events -> Automatic Event Handling -> Manage Tasks). I would like to change the handling of some events but need to know how the task handling occurs so I can plan this out.

a) For an event, what order are the tasks checked (i.e. alphabetical on the list)? Does it matter?

b) When an event get handled by one task does it continue through the whole task list in case it could also be handled with another task or does it stop after the first task handles the event?

c) Does HP have this information documented somewhere?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Automated Event Handling Task - How Does it Work

If you have multiple tasks for the same event handler HPSIM would invoke all of the mechanisms checked. No idea of the order or whether it does them in parallel or not.

I've never assigned multiple tasks to the same event handler. Instead I've tried to refine the event handler to a particular task and target group of recipients.