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Bandwidth requirements/utilization for SIM traffic

Thomas Olsen_1
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Bandwidth requirements/utilization for SIM traffic

Hi all

I am in the start phase of implementing SIM in our org.
We have two different sites connected with a WAN connection (1MBit, 230ms latency). I am planning on installing SIM in one site (with about 25 servers and 100 network components to monitor on the LAN) and this installation will also monitor the remote site's equipment (about 20 servers and 60 network devices)

Is it possible to say anything at all about WAN bandwidth usage for this scenario?

I read in another thread that it was possible to have a local VCRM in each site to avoid using the WAN for pushing driver and firmware updates. And that it was also possible to configure the CMS to poll at different intervals for different sites.

Is there any documentation mentioning anything regarding my above questions?

Appreciate some help.


/Thomas O
Occasional Visitor

Re: Bandwidth requirements/utilization for SIM traffic

I had the same question, i contacted HP direct and they told me that it was 50KB to 100KB per device.

I thought this was a bit high and have gone back to them to have this double checked.
I have based my installation on this for the time being better to much then to little..