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Can't Uninstall or Upgrade SMH

Keith W
Frequent Advisor

Can't Uninstall or Upgrade SMH

The HP SMH on one of my 2003 servers is generating an error in the SIM because the version is out-of-date.

However, it cannot be upgraded for some reason (it always fails), and I cannot uninstall the SMH from Add/Remove either, as this too generates an error.

The SMH works fine, but I would like to upgrade.

Has anyone any suggestions for getting round this?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't Uninstall or Upgrade SMH

Run the cp00nnnn.exe file for the SMH directly and let us know what the actual error is.

Have you rebooted the server since the attempted removal? You may want to try that if possible.
T. Vander Auwera
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can't Uninstall or Upgrade SMH

What do you see in the file c:\cpqsystem\log\cpqsetup.log after you try to upgrade SMH?
Keith W
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can't Uninstall or Upgrade SMH

The error when trying to remove through Add/Remove is:

When I try an upgrade through VC or by running the PSP again, the log shows the folowing: Error Code -6003

Beginning silent session...

Name: HP System Management Homepage for Windows
New Version: 2.1.5
Current Version: 2.1.2

That's it - no error, no info!

Is it possible to manually uninstall so I can clean install the latest version?

One thing I just thought which may affect this. It's on a Citrix server. And yes, I have tried installing it with install mode switched on.