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Cannot run 5.02 upgrade file

Fedja Delalic
Occasional Contributor

Cannot run 5.02 upgrade file

We currently use SIM version C.
I am trying to upgrade it to 5.02, so I downloaded HPSIM-Win-C. file. However, I am unable to run installation. A message "HPSIM-Win-C. is not a valid Win32 application" comes up when I double-click on downloaded file.
Please help. Many thanks.

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot run 5.02 upgrade file


I think your file is corrupted. Try dowload it again

see the faq about this kind of issues :

be sure to check the checksum of your download before using it :-)
on Software download confirmation page...

hope it helps

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Fedja Delalic
Occasional Contributor

Re: Cannot run 5.02 upgrade file

You were correct, that file was corrupted. I downloaded the new one and started installation, but more problems appeared; installation/upgrade was stopped in the middle with "error hes occurred, click OK to cancel installation" while installing SIM. Now it looks like installation is half-done, services cannot be started hence SIM stopped working all together. I don't want to find myself reinstalling the whole thing as there are too many settings to configure. There appears to be no way to take "a step back", so I'll try to run installation again.

Any hints anyone?