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Clear Events Script?

John Reed_4
Occasional Advisor

Clear Events Script?

Well, since I am unable to have it done as part of the program, what about customization?

I need the ability for a limited user to be able to clear, delete, assign to, and comment events. (I can do deletes... but I really only want clear).

Can this be done with a custom command? ie - select the events, hit custom command, and it passes a SQL statement to the databse that marks the selected events as cleared?

I really need this "clear" functionality - and I don't know how long it will take HP to implement this to a point release.


Re: Clear Events Script?


Please clarify your question..

You can delete events, clear events or both. I have a event that deletes events after XX days.

It sounds like you might have the user rights setup correctly. Hust a guess...
John Reed_4
Occasional Advisor

Re: Clear Events Script?

Well - here's the problem... if you look over on the main SIM forum, there's a problem with the users...

Currently, there's no way to setup a "limited" user to be able to clear events. If you're "limited" then you do not get the delete, clear, assign-to, or comment options at the bottom of any events query.

I'm looking to find some other method to do this... possibly thru a custom command. I'd like to figure out a method where I can select the events - then run a custom command that runs a CLEAR against them.

I don't want to delte the events - as I need that data for historical purposes.

Re: Clear Events Script?

This can be done via a combination of the authentication + tools + groups security options. See details under the SECURITY tab.
John Reed_4
Occasional Advisor

Re: Clear Events Script?

No, it cannot.

Go back and read my original posting very carefully.

If the user is "LIMITED", he cannot clear events. Only a "FULL" user will get the tabs to be able to "clear" an event.

If you know of a method to have a user be able to clear events without being in the "full" group, then please show me.

Re: Clear Events Script?

Yes you are correct. You will not like the solution answer however. You can do it by setting the rights to "FULL" then you must define a TOOLSET and then you can pick the specific tools you want the user to have. Then use the Authentication Tab to manually assign the Toolset to that user.
You can also setup a Group assignment, add the user(s) to a Group and then assign the Toolset to the Group. It is really a mess.
Maarten Vanherle
Occasional Visitor

Re: Clear Events Script?

Hi All,

Did anyone find a sollution for this problem?
Im working with SIM 4.2 SP1, and I'm stuck on the same problem.
I want to be able to give a 'limited' user the option to clear and possibly assign events...

Hope somebody can help me...
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Todd Schelin
Valued Contributor

Re: Clear Events Script?

There is no solution that I can tell. Once you give the user full, they will still have access to configuration options of the CMS, that you may not want an operator to have. I have submitted this as a request to HP to have them fix in the next release, but I don't see that happening by then.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Clear Events Script?

Bumped to be above moved questions...