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Collecting data in the SIM5.2, etc

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Collecting data in the SIM5.2, etc

Hi all.
I encounted some problems about System Insight Manager 5.2
we have installed SIM in the HPUX and it consists 11.11, 11.23 kernel each
1.when I log in SIM and click 'option', it shows collecting data. I clicked collecting data and checked some clients to gather data from them.

but it showed some errs like 'cimmom user/passwd has changed. new value is not listed at HPSIM
it dose not have any certificate which is matched to client certificate.

it occurs error when it connect into the system using WBEM protocol.

2.after finishing collecting data from some clients though it has problem, it dose not show kernel value

why is that?
what is problem?

3.Snapshots comaprison
Reports-Snapshot comparison
after it finished jobs 'collected data' is not proper data. it cannot compare using data whis is not identical items . Maybe I think it collects wrong data from systems.
what's your think?

4.Tools-User defined tool
I have defined some tools in SIM It usually has run well, but some times it has a problem like ' Ssh Operation failed for node:fcrdbr01. SSH_UNEXPECTED_TERMINATION:Unexpected termination: Broken pipe (errno:32) [Unknown cause]'

can you give me how to verify ssh between systems?

5. When i run Exchange AD agent cerfificates.
-configure VSE agent-Exchagne AD agent certificates
some clients have 'certificates exchange failed'
why is that?

6.VSE Management: Visualization Manager when it runs
An error occurred during a workload repository operation.
Unable to communicate with the gWLM CMS daemon (gwlmcmsd). Restart the daemon either by invoking the /opt/gwlm/bin/gwlmcmsd command or by using the HP SIM menu item "Configure -> Configure VSE Agents -> Start gWLM CMS Daemon". Diagnostic information may be available in the gWLM CMS log file (/var/opt/gwlm/gwlmcmsd.log.0).

6.1.Optimization-Capacity Advisor
we have replaced postgreSQL with Oralce a few days ago.
is it possible to use Oracle instead of postgreSQL?

what am I supposed to resolve that problem?
what should I check items?

7. Certificate problem
I think it has a big problem. it involves all tasks.
How to verify certiticates are working properly between SIM server and other clients.
how to manage certificates automatically throug all clients
even though server sided certificate changed

8. i have 1 more question.
I do not know how to release server certiticate to all managed clients
is relative to certify process if SIM server root password or managed node root password is changed
automatically managing ceriticates required.. I need your help

Any help, Any advice is good enough