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Creating an event manually

Roy Cohen

Creating an event manually


Is there anyway i can create an event manually on insight thru the command line?

(I'm trying to run a script on a third party server and return the output as an event)
Trusted Contributor

Re: Creating an event manually

Hello Roy.

I use trapgen.exe to log MRTG events in the SIM db. It is a command line tool.
There are some requirements : the sending server must be known by SIM and the trap you will send must be registered in SIM.
For this last point, you can use an existing trap or create a new MIB file (that is I did for MRTG) and compile/register it with SIM
Roy Cohen

Re: Creating an event manually

Thanks for the response.

I managed to send the event with evntwin (sends events as snmp traps)

But after creating my own MIB, compiling it and adding it, it ignores the trap and doesnt add anything to the event log on SIM
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Creating an event manually

Roy, check the option to 'Accept unregistered events' in HP SIM. That way you'll know if the event is arriving and may point to a problem in your MIB.
Roy Cohen

Re: Creating an event manually


I found that the mib file I created is formated incorrectly. Now how can I find what is wrong with my mib file?

Is there a program that can check or create mib files?
Roy Cohen

Re: Creating an event manually

OK i have solved the problem:

This is for all the people out there that need to do this process,

** the system has to be recognized by SIM so do a discover first.

1. create an event using evntwin or trapgen
2. check that you are recieving the trap on the other side (use ethereal or something like that)
-- if evntwin doesnt work check the snmp service under services and see that it is sending the trap to the correct destination with the correct community string)
3. Create a MIB file using something like mib designer 2.
4. compile the mib file using mcompile [file.mib]
5. insert the mib - mxmib -a [file.cfg]
(Make sure the trapid being sent is smaller then 214xxxxxxx - (int) - SIM has a problem with large trap id's)
6. if you dont see the mib check that the compiled mib (cfg file) is identical to the (mib file) and allow generic traps under (options-->events-->event filtering settings) for troubleshooting

I hope this makes someones life easier