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Data collections keep failing.

Sven Wells

Data collections keep failing.

Data Collection seems to fail on certain ProLiant DL360 G3 servers running W2K3 SP1, snmp is running, hp insight agents are running, attempting data collection as full blown windows domain admin. HP SIM console contains hundreds of servers, majority of them reporting normally. Cannot figure out why Data collection is failing on some servers.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Data collections keep failing.

I see the same issue. My "fix" was to Disable the Daily Device Identification Task.

The issue here was a large number of Servers would fail in the data Collection task. But the number and Servers involved would vary.

There seemed to be some kind of conflict here. I also see an issue where HPSIM changes the community names it uses back to public and private in the Global SNMP Settings. What conditions trigger this I've yet to fathom but it has happened on multiple occasions.

If the Servers failing are always the same, check the System settings for SNMP and WBEM, ensure they're not using some odd Local Settings.