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Database requirments

Tom Green_1
Occasional Contributor

Database requirments

If I were going to connect sim to a SQL database (that is, not go with a local msde install on the server for example), what kind of reqs am I looking at:
1)how big should it be?
2)what would be the expected growth?
3)in setting up the database, would I just stick with defaults, or go outside of the defaults?
4)is there a specific naming standard required?
Cindy Osborn
Valued Contributor

Re: Database requirments

During the SIM install it will create the database on a remote SQL server as long as you have an account with appropriate privledges. It has a naming convention that it uses. The expected growth depends on the number of servers that you are monitoring and the amount of trending data you want to keep. My SIM database is around 11gig for 1000 devices just to give you an idea. If you use the SIM sizer tool it will give you some numbers that you can use to determine the growth of the database.

Hope this helps.