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Disable Hardware status polling in HP SIM

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Jayaprakash Subramanian
Frequent Advisor

Disable Hardware status polling in HP SIM

Hello All,

The SIM change the system connection between the CMS and the managed nodes while performing the Hardware status polling.

So i found some difficulties on deploying the SRD on the managed nodes from the SIM.

Did the status polling will affect the managed node communication?

Is the status polling for the servers periodic run is mandatory or can run manually when a server is added/modified on the network.

Please Advise.

Jayaprakash S
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Disable Hardware status polling in HP SIM

The HW status polling does a couple of things. The main one is to check the server is still contactable. So it's the check you would use to verify the server hasn't crashed.
The second thing it does is update the HW icon depending on the status of the hardware / logs etc.
There's a separate task - Daily Identification that does the identification of new and existing servers. In the past (HPSIM 5.x) I've seen this task cause problems and I've disabled it. It may be this task that's causing the issues. Check for timings of things in the HPSIM Log files.
Jayaprakash Subramanian
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disable Hardware status polling in HP SIM

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info. The main issue i had is, We have a demo setup, and we'll have a Shared Resource Domain (SRD) with 2 integrity vPars and we'll deploy that SRD from the SIM for every demo run.

Sometimes, while deploying the SRD, The SRD got deployed on the servers (managed nodes) and failed to update on the SIM. So the SIM says that the SRD is not deployed and the servers running in SRD deployed state.

This didn't happen for every time, but happens occasionally. This got resolved, when i issue "gwlmagent --restart" on both the servers under the shared domain and I can't able to point out where the issue is.

Please let me know if there is any specific area to look / troubleshoot for this issue.

Jayaprakash S