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Duplicate UUID/GUID from SMH 6 and SIM6

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Duplicate UUID/GUID from SMH 6 and SIM6

ok I'm getting allot of servers that are merging due to a ghost image that was applied to our remote servers, "it included a preconfigured SMH" which now contains duplicate GUIDS. This of course makes SIM v6 merge all of them into one record.

I've tried the following "The Management Agents create the Globally Unique Identifier information in an entry in the Windows NT registry.

To remove permanence of the Globally Unique Identifier, remove the entry:


After the entry is removed, restart the Insight Management Agents services and a new Globally Unique Identifier is automatically generated.

But the registry key dosn't exist.

I have 80 of these servers to correct, is there a easier way to go about this?

I've allready tried a uninstall and reinstall and that didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

These are Win 2008 R2 Standard servers.