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EVA Disk Group view in HP SIM

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EVA Disk Group view in HP SIM

Hi All!

Having finally successfully implemented our EVA 4400 and 8000 series SAN units into HP SIM, I am dismayed to find that it does not report disk groups for either SAN.

Do the SMI-S providers (HP EVA Commandview) support displaying the disk groups?

I am running Command view 9.0.

Also, is it possible to run the Brocade SMI-A provider service on the EVA Commandview box without any issues? I was going to run it from the HPSIM box but I am pretty sure the ports will clash with the WMI mapper proxy service...
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Disk Group view in HP SIM

I don't think so, it mainly shows the LUNs and capacity as well as contact / site details etc.
contract info. etc.
HP SIM is mainly for fault analysis, so most of the data collected is targeted at that.

You could script some reporting via SSSU.

I'm not sure about the Brocade SMI-A stuff. I looked at it awhile back, but couldn't justify the amount of effort to set it up for the extra info I might get back.