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Error Message in the HPSIM.LOG file

Rick Shover
Occasional Visitor

Error Message in the HPSIM.LOG file

I am trying to install hpsim 6.2 on a vmware 2008 32 bit OS. I accomplished this task on this very same box 2 weeks ago with not problems. I changed the name of the box and added it to my production domain. When I did that I realized that all the accounts for the SQL database were still the old name. Figured the easiest thing to do was to uninstall SQL and HPSIM. I did that and reloaded SQL and then attempted to reload HPSIM. I get to the Custom load page and click on custom install, then Next. Everything I was is set to be installed so I Click Next. And that is it. I go no further. That screen remains on my monitor, no error message and it does not matter how man times I click next nothing changes. I looked in the HPSIM.LOG and I find the following error message:

[Tue Nov 9 15:54:43 EST 2010]Install Shell:onError Object required res://C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SIM6100b-win\hpsim\win\setup.exe/content\custom-options.js:65

I have hunted the internet high and low and cannot find anything that will help with this error.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks -


Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Message in the HPSIM.LOG file

Maybe just blow the box away and start again. It does look like something isn't where it should be. Perhaps the uninstall didn't clean things up to well and that's confused the reinstall.
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Message in the HPSIM.LOG file

you have same error what HSukirman has and i just solved it yesterday see below thread.